Monday, April 20, 2009

4-20 in Humboldt

Our posts are long overdue... and this will just be a short one... but just HAD TO!! HAD TO make a post on 4-20 in Humboldt. We sit here quitely relaxing 200 yards from the beach listening to the waves crash to the shore. Meanwhile less than five miles away hundreds of revelers partake in one of Humboldt life's "greener activities"... LOL!

Humboldt is known for being "green" in more ways than one. Today, 4-20, the influx of transient visitors to this fair county is exemplary of one form of the "green". For those who don't understand the significance of this calendar day Google "4-20" -- It will explain the origins behind this celebration of Cannabis. In short, while March and St. Patrick's Day is about the "wearin' o' the green" --- April, and 4-20, is about the "smokin' o' the green" -- Any questions??

As we sit here watching the minutes tick away on 4-20 aware that we do not have any herbal supplements of which to partake, we realize that... we must be getting old... LOL! But we are taking a moment to recognize this unique snippet in time, of which most revelers will only vaguely remember... It is quite unique also to be in Humboldt County on this particular date... If you missed it... there's always next year... :-)