Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making like a baby and Headin' out.

Carolyn has been telling me that I need to start blogging more. I told her that I started this blog, wasn't that enough? Well I guess it wasn't. So what a better time than now.
It is Thurs morning 7:35 and we are running about an hour and a half late for our planned departure, right on time. We will be going on a "vacation" to Texas. I need to get there to start my residency to transfer to Texas A&M University. There will be more posts now that we are doing actually going somewhere.

The other day I saw an old bleached out "No Fear" bumper sticker that said "
Fear is what keeps you from your potential, your suffering is self imposed." I do believe that it is something that fits for me. I have been anxious about this whole trip and move thing since we decided to do it. BIG step, many unknowns, so many reasons why not to go, then we thought "but there are so many reasons TO go." Why am I imposing all this suffering on myself and my family? It's time to have an adventure.

Cast off those lines and go face that storm, it may just be a little fog or it might be a hurricane, either way it will be a GREAT RIDE.

Until next time.