Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's already spring...

I feel like such a slacker. I haven't posted in weeks... That is so bad. I really need to get my act together. I am still trying to figure this out, I will confess, I still don't know how to post pictures. Perhaps when my hubby returns from his latest diving adventure he will help me. After all he is the one who is so good at "painting the wall..." [Note: for you that do not know what that means, refer to my first entry...]

Ian and I spent spring break (Rich's school break from HSU -- last week)at Grandpa and Grandma's in Oroville, CA (near Chico) while Rich went with his dive class to Catalina Island. Yes, you read that right, Ian and I stayed near Chico and Rich went to dive at Catalina. Puttz! (Go ahead -- tell him I called him a puttz! Go for it! tee hee hee!)

He had a really good time; it was both exhausting and exhilarating. He had eight dives in the matter of four days. It was not two each day as you might think, ah no, what would have been the challenge in that? It was one the first day, then three the second and three the third and one the fourth and then they left to come home -- a mere 700+ mile drive, one way. No problem! (Maybe on second thought I'm glad I stayed with the in-laws; just the drive alone was exhausting the way they did it.)

Now that he is not-quite-caught-up on his rest from the last trip (we got back a week ago today, late at night...) He is leaving tomorrow morning for another dive. This one will only be a weekend dive, but they are going to Monterey, CA, which is about 400 miles (one way) from where we are. Oh did I mention that they will have a night dive upon arrival at Monterey tomorrow, yes, they had two or three of those at Catalina (I can't remember which) great fun I am sure. Not!!

Personally I think I might draw the line at diving in the dark. The water is dark and murky enough already. By the way, did I tell you that he saw sharks while diving at Catalina? Oh yes, lots of them. He told me what kind, but I'm not the one with the ocean major at HSU; guess I'll have to get the info from him again and post it later. Or better yet, perhaps he'll post about his trip(s) and post pictures. Yes, pictures, that would be good.

After all, we really don't know if those were itty bitty sharks, or kinda smallish sharks, or medium sharks, or large sharks... we just know he saw sharks... ahhh, I think it's enough to know he saw sharks, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the kind that we once had in our aquarium; and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have wanted to be diving too close. Yes, I know that we are not on their food chain list, but just in case... after all a surfboard doesn't really look like food, does it? Enough said.

Speaking of pictures... rumor has it that there are pictures of my husband on the boat en route from Catalina Island to the mainland. To this you say, "so, what's so exciting about a boat ride?" To your question I answer, ah but these are not just any pictures... as I understand the story my husband chose to wear his favorite attire back to the mainland (that would be his Utilikilt) and it was a very windy day.

As my hubby innocently enjoyed the view from the deck of the boat, others got a view that... well... was one of the answers to the age old question "What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?" and that answer be... "What the good Lord blessed him with." (Trust me that we do know there are many ways to answer that question, but this one applies here... tee hee hee...) I understand that cameras were a snappin' but I have not yet seen any "incriminating photos" LOL! But as this is a family blog we promise to only post PG rated kilt pics herewith.

Speaking of my desire to learn to blog. I want to thank all the FOTR's that have listed their blogs on the FOTR website ( I have enjoyed viewing many of them. Most recently I was catching up with Krystal and family ( and saw that she noted our blog at the bottom of hers under the Lemonade Stand "If Life Gives You Lemons...Make Lemonade" -- I'm not sure how ours fits into the category that could potentially be deserving of sporting the Lemonade stand, but that is a goal I can aspire to achieve. Thank you very much. Thanks for including us on your list, Krystal. Personally I love your blog, you inspire me much.

I wish I could share something else funny or exciting going on, but I'm drawing a blank. I'll have to make notes and share it next time. Hopefully by my next post I will have figured out how, or have hog-tied my hunny down long enough, to post pics. Perhaps once I understand how to do it I will go back and post some older pics with a bit of retrospective over the past two years.

Until next time...

A quote to ponder: "My theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare."
-- Mike Myers

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  1. Your story (or what you've shared of it so far) is what I found inspiring. I hope you continue to share!