Thursday, May 28, 2009

Modern America...

Sorry so very long in between posts... again... I thank you for your forgiveness I will try to catch up. This may be a bit of a muddled post... I want to catch up on a few things since I last wrote.

First off I want to explain my reference to "Modern America" ... the pic of me with my laptop was taken by Ian on our recent trip from Humboldt County (CA) to Butte County (CA) to visit hubby's parents for a couple of months.

When I first saw this pic it reminded me of bygone years and a conversation my mom had with my brother. Now close your eyes and visualize this... oh wait, you have to have your eyes open to read this... sorry, silly me... As I was saying, try to imagine this.

First off you have to know that my brother is one of the biggest Garth Brooks fans that has ever lived. And uniquely enough he resembles Garth to the point that we once were traveling Route 66 together and a bunch of teeny-boppers got giddy when they thought they were waiting on Garth 'live and in person'... it was ok, when they found out he wasn't Garth, he was still a cute -- single -- guy!

So, back to "Modern America"... It was in the 80's (don't ask me to remember specifically the year; numbers are my brothers thing...) and my brother had managed to get one of the illusive "wrist bands" that entitled him to stand in line at ARCO Arena (Sacramento, CA) to 'maybe' get to buy tickets to Garth's upcoming concert.

So as any good little fan would do --- he camped out at ARCO the night before, then dutifully stood in line. However, Joe (my bro) wanted to insure his opportunity, and that of friends and family members, to get tix -- so he called Ticketmaster on his cell phone (or it might have been Dad's cell phone) as soon as they went on sale. [yes... he managed to buy tix via phone thanks to his trusty Visa.]

Now, today with cell phones being as prevalent as they are, that perhaps doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. But back then, some of you may remember, cell phones were about the size of a brick... LOL! Anyway, I remember the conversation when my brother called my mom (from the cell phone of course) to tell her that he got tickets to see Garth... while he was still standing in line to get tickets to Garth... and Mom's words... "Welcome to Modern America."

Enough reminiscing... thank you for indulging me...

more in a bit...


  1. It's so wonderful to see you blogging. You are a great writer! I am laughing remembering the brick sized cell phones. We were just watching an older movie and laughing at one on there. =)

  2. Krystal you are so sweet... Hugs XX