Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New Chapter begins...

As many of you may already know, we have decided to leave Humboldt. It has been a great three and a half years here. It has been a hard decision to decide to move on at this point. However,we did "pro's and cons" lists and the direction became clear. We're heading to Texas, on or about August 1st.

At or about that time we also plan to start another blog, so we'll keep you posted how that goes as well. Much going on... purging... packing... taking care of the details for Rich to transfer ... contemplation and planning for a web-based biz (more details soon...)

Also we have an appointment to get our computer worked on before we leave Humboldt so perhaps we'll be able to load pictures again... sadly, our computer has been rather temperamental in that area for awhile now.

Hope this note finds you and yours doing well... we'll post more soon... Yes, I really will... I know the posts here have been spotty at best, but as the title here says "A New Chapter begins..." and with it comes more postings! Yes!! Such excitement, so many new places to visit and things to do on the horizon! Fun! Fun!! I'm ready!!!

Smiles & blessings...


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